Do You Need a New Website Design?

Does it seem like the number of your online leads stopped growing? Your website has worked fine for years, and nothing has changed. The cause must be something else, right? Website design is an ever changing landscape. If you haven't updated your website's look, feel, and functionality in a few years, you have probably seen user engagement drop and bounce rates increase.

Your website is a reflection of your business and professionalism. You never want potential customers to discover an outdated website or one that does not function properly. Moreover, the ideal business website design includes easy navigation and works across all devices. If your website design is not optimized to enhance user engagement and experience, your growth rate will suffer. Here are a few signs you need a new website design.

New Website Design Checklist

  1. Your site is still using Flash,
  2. It does not have a responsive design,
  3. Elements are not consistent across the site,
  4. Photos are stock or show outdated equipment or location,
  5. You are not showing up in organic search results.
  6. Page load times exceed 2 seconds,
  7. The number of new visitors is shrinking,
  8. Conversion rates have fallen,
  9. Bounce rates have increased over time,
  10. Time-on-site is shrinking, or
  11. Your site has not been redesigned in the last 4 years.

Start your evaluation by accessing your site individually on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. What do you see? Are you easily able to find the main information? Does the site guide users to your call to action? If your site is not usable and functional across all devices, it is time to consider a new responsive website design.

Next, examine your site to ensure all features are being used and are functioning. As a website gets older, some elements become outdated or just don't work as originally intended. Today's website designs are uncluttered and include a lot of white-space to focus visitor's attention on the content.

Finally, the site needs an SEO evaluation. Search engine algorithms have changed a lot in recent years. Many search engine optimization techniques have become outdated and no longer work.

Ultimately, if your last redesign is more than 4 years ago, it is time for a change. Even an outdated layout can have a negative impact on growth. If you would like to talk about if you need a website design, or need more information, please contact us.


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Posted by
Greg Cargopoulos
May 17, 2017 8:58:07 AM
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