Facebook has Marketing Technologies Every Marketer Should be Using

Social media marketing often proves the most effective in building your customer relations. Facebook alone offers a multitude of opportunities to engage prospects for your business. Building communities that focus on brand loyalty through promotions, events, new products, and more create an effective way to gain new customers, clients, and other folks with inquisitive natures.

Marketing with Charisma and Trends

Keeping up on the most current and popular trends allow you to choose what you can tie into your brand. Being creative, you can conjure a relevant message from a trend offering your audience some fun and entertainment. Create a video with a challenge embedded to promote interest and be sure to have a clear statement to like and share your post. Always follow-up on your post with a response to every positive comment.

Create an Event and Build the Hype

Just as a business event takes planning in the real world, a strategy, or plan to create an event is just as necessary for social media. You're vying for lots of attention in a sea of consumers, so you've got to make this event look good.

Place considerable thought toward your event title, description and design. Ensure your product design and the color matches the character of the product and your company. Place as much content in your page as you can without fully explaining the product. Next, send out the invitation and place a call to action for likes and shares. Then as the date of event approaches, create a mysterious aspect by feeding little bits of information on your product, but make sure that the information resonates with the consumer. (This is so you can have a wow-factor on the day of presentation). Respond positively to any that comment, or RSVP so you can keep an engaged audience. 

Numbers Aren't the Focus

Some think that if you have a large following you're doing great! Unfortunately, a large following does not necessarily mean an active one. Focusing on the numbers is like watching the water in the pot come to a boil. Instead, focus on interaction to build a community, and increase brand awareness, and customer loyalty. The more you engage your audience through careful strategy and planning, the more activity you'll see.

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Greg Cargopoulos
Jan 14, 2018 11:00:00 AM

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