For Digital Marketing Managers: What it Takes to Succeed

A digital marketer is more like a musical conductor: A lot of shiny, noisy instruments, many players, and a big audience. How can you stand out from the noise?

Achieving success as a digital marketing manager means having an in-depth knowledge of how digital channels operate, interact with each other and the synergies they create. Succeeding in today’s technologically savvy space also means knowing the nuances of the web paradigms and also how they interact.

Based on the difference in how digital channels operate, your Facebook tactics can’t be the same you employ on twitter. This article is an essential leadership reads to become a better marketing manager.

You must win on Facebook

In both numbers (approximately 1.55 billion active users) and recognition, Facebook is the biggest social network. You must constantly update yourself on how to utilize Facebook profitably. Facebook no longer offers the free global reach it initially promised while taking off. The game has changed, and these days, you have to pay the piper who collects data. You also have to pay to get more visibility. As a marketing manager, you must learn how to use Facebook analytics tools, experiment and test creative images, learn how to differentiate ″look-alike″ audiences and us the power editor feature correctly.

 Email Marketing as a marketing tool is underutilized

Digital marketers often underestimate email marketing. Sending emails has now been replaced with sending tweets, constantly updating status, and hunting for likes. Customers are now bombarded with too much, and the email is has become that one place they find solitude amongst the chaos. Digital marketing managers who want to succeed should take this advantage and sharpen their email marketing’s skills.  You must know how to send powerful emails, know how to analyze bounce rates, open rates, and conversions.

Succeeding in digital marketing takes doing what other digital savvy marketers are doing, but doing it differently; creativity is the keyword. For more information about digital marketing, contact us today.

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Philip Mazloumian
Jan 17, 2018 2:11:00 PM
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