Marketing Hacks: How to Streamline Processes When Working with an External Team

How would you characterize your partnership with your external marketing team? Is it efficient, lean and focused? Start to worry if it isn't.

Once you have engaged a digital marketing outsource team and have proven initial successes, it's time to dig in and analyze what worked and what didn't. This is a critical phase. Continued marketing success depends on identifying and understanding the processes that make the partnership successful.

Did the team provide a detailed project game plan? Did you need to talk with different team members about the same issues? Was the team focused on the end goal? Consider the answers and then consider if streamlining the overall processes would avoid potential pitfalls. Here are the necessary marketing hacks: how to streamline processes when working with an external team, what to look for, and what to change:

The goal, your target markets and your budget: These should be clearly stated, crystal clear, and written in stone. You need to be on the same page with your external team. Consider them as your right hand and alert them immediately if you need to chisel away and make changes.

Responsibilities: Know who is responsible for what. You are responsible for the goal, the target, and the budget detail. The external team is responsible for delivering a detailed plan for each project with clearly stated benchmarks. You need to know the plan inside out.

Communication: There should be a point person that coordinates the team’s efforts, one that you talk with frequently. There might be different team members working on different digital technologies, for example, web, mobile and tablet architectures. The point person assures each is working toward your stated goal, targeting your markets and staying within the stated budget. The point person is the communication conduit with the responsibility to keep each team member on track.

Benchmarks: Without these, the process fails completely. Each ends a segment of a plan and screams for revisions or continuance. Evaluate progress with the external team and implement change or continuance only on agreement.

Adapting to change: Be adaptive and proactive. Keep your mind open to new ideas and once agreed upon, trust your marketing team and give them the space to run with the program.

These five hacks are the foundation for an efficient, lean and focused working partnership with an external marketing team. Be proactive and evaluate their effectiveness at the end of each project, and be adaptive if the change is indicated. If you maintain streamlined processes with these hacks you can trust your external team to manage the details so you can keep your focus on the big picture.

If your processes are not efficient, lean or focused it is time to worry. Talk with the team at React for more information. 

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Philip Mazloumian
Jan 10, 2018 2:10:00 PM
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