So Many Businesses are Making Social Media Marketing Mistakes Every Day. Is Yours?

Social media has become an integral part of our global society. However, as a small business owner or manager, figuring out how to best take advantage of this vehicle is still confusing at times. Even if you have several of your own personal social media profiles. Where do you start for business? What websites are the best ones to use?

It’s like looking at a wild animal and wondering how on earth to train it to stand on its hind legs in 7 days!

However, just like wild animal training or any large job, the best strategy for social media success is to take things one step at a time and not to establish a business presence across all social media channels.

It’s Important to Structure Your Approach and Keep the Modern Consumer Landscape in Mind

Instead of investing time and money into every social media website there is, look at how they can truly benefit your business. For example, does your company really need a YouTube page? Well, unless you have a slew of interesting videos to publish, probably not. Similarly, you can probably nix a Tumblr if you’re not aiming for the pop culture and hipster crowd.

Of course, the 2 pages you will almost definitely need are a Facebook and a Twitter page. Almost everyone has one or the other, so it will make your company more accessible to the masses. Facebook is probably the most helpful, plus you can link your Twitter and other pages to your Facebook, which is also helpful.

However, a social media presence isn’t the only way to attract new customers and build your brand in 2017.

The best social media marketing strategy to use is to build rapport with your customers, a solid reputation and trust; and yes, part of this is:

  • Responding to your fans,
  • Commenting on their comments on social media, and
  • Re-Tweeting their Tweets, etc.

However, in a recent interview, Esteban Kolsky of Thinkjar made a radical statement, “Customer Service Will Not Exist in 10 Years.” He went on to say:

“… We’re not going to have customer service anymore in 10 years at the pace we’re going in. Customer service is going to be so bad that nobody’s going to want to do it.”

He also shared an alarming statistic:

“Fifty-five percent of requests in social and social channels get ignored. Ignored! Imagine if you don’t pick up more than half the phone calls that you get … You ignore them. You don’t talk to them. You don’t ask them what they need.

Of those that do get addressed, eighty four percent get escalated to another channel. So why would you go on to Twitter, Facebook or Communities or anywhere if you end up on the phone? What’s the point of that?”

He went on to share that there’s no balance between making people happy (our current definition of customer service) and making a profit. It's impossible to do both on a large scale. You can make some customers happy, but not all of them. It’s impossible. In addition, social media support, social community answers and omnichannel support customer service styles used alone or even used in tandem aren't the complete customer service answer for the future either.

So What is the Answer?

Your business’ goal should be to create customer engagement, not provide customer support.

Social media is a huge part of customer engagement for many businesses. However, there’s no standard formula every business can use to create genuine customer engagement.

Kolsky contends that if you have, “good interactions,” with your customers, this will generate trust. When a customer trusts you, he or she will engage with you. You can’t measure customer engagement. However, it will be the key to creating long-term relationships with customers throughout the next decade.

The interview came to a powerful close.

“If you know who your customers are and what they want, 65 percent of the time you can up-sell or cross-sell something. If you don’t know, only 12 percent of the time you will do that. So there’s money in actually getting engaged with your customers.”

For most business owners, creating a successful social media campaign is impossible. As you can see, there are so many factors to consider. Just creating a presence isn’t enough anymore.

Contact us today at React Digital. We understand the many ways to engage customers through social media, rich media, community building and so much more. It usually takes more than one interaction, medium or process to inspire customer engagement and to create the type of customers you can bank on. Let us show you how.

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